An open Liquid-Handling System for creative experimentation with biology

OpenLH is a low cost (under 1,000$) liquid-handler system, designed for creative experimentation with biology. The system is based on an existing low cost robotic arm (uArm Swift Pro), off the shelve components and custom-made 3D printed parts. All that is needed for building a system in available available online.

With a variety of simple interfaces such from Block based drag and drop control to coding, We hope our OpenLH system can empower bio-enthusiasts to experiment with live biology in a variety of creative and untraditional domains.

In this video we show our Bitmap to Bioprint interface in action. Designers can create a design using standard graphic design tools, and then send the image to be printed in live bacteria. The bacteria grows, expands, and eventually dies, creating a dynamic and ephemeral print.

Project team: Gilad Gome, Andrey Grishko, Oren Zuckerman
Students: Julian Waksberg, Yuval Maayan

  • OpenLH: Open Liquid-Handling System for Creative Experimentation with Biology (TEI 2019)

  • Press: Arduino, Hackaday,