EEMRAA is a collection of hand embroidered jewelry made by Palestinian women,
it is designed to be a system enabling them a way of making a respectful living.
We created several deliverables that are all valuable separately - A line of products, a makers catalog, a business plan and a customization product online shop with a management system for dispatching jobs via SMS to the embroiders working at their homes.

eemraa website

Eemraa is a group project part of the first year studies at the Royal College of Art, In collaboration with Shenkar school in Israel and a group of Palestinian embroiderers.

Other team members: Charlotte Slingsby · Giulio Ammendolla · Iulia Lonescu · Lotta Julkunen · Michal Lerman · Ming Kong · Mirit Guggenheimer · Noy Goldstein · Shay Tako