I'm Iddo. I am currently making fun things as Creative Technologist and CTO at the Media Innovation Lab (milab) at IDC Herzliya.

In the past I have worked as an Electrical Engineer for Intel, received my MA/MSc in Innovation Design Engineering from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, co-founded an IoT/wearables medical device startup, and in general couldn't sit still for too long...

I try to do interesting things with design and technology, and while this website is missing many of them, I will hopefully be sharing more soon.

In the meantime, you can drop me a line at:

Things I studies:

Double masters – MA/MSc Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College, London
2013 - 2015

Master in Business Administration (MBA) at Tel Aviv University (Interrupted for joining IDE)
2012 - 2013
B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering at Tel Aviv University Specialize in: Computers, D.S.P. and Bio-electronics
2004 - 2009

Places I’ve worked at:

Creative Technologist & CTO at IDC Herzlya School of Communications Media Innovation Lab (milab)
2016 - Now
Visiting tutor for mechatronics at the Royal College of Art, London
Co-founder and responsible for product development at Walk With Path Ltd, London
2015 - 2016
Visiting Designer at Alt design (Atom 3D Printer), Taipei
Circuit Design – Developing CPUs for mobile computing at Intel R&D Centre, Haifa
2007 - 2012

Things I published:

Gilad Gome, Yuval Fein, Julian Waksberg, Yuval Maayan, Andrey Grishko, Iddo Yehoshua Wald, Oren Zuckerman
My First Biolab: a System for Hands-On Biology Experiments (Proc. of CHI ’19, ACM Press)

Tom Hitron, Yoav Orlev, Iddo Wald, Ariel Shamir, Hadas Erel, Oren Zuckerman
Can Children Understand Machine Learning Concepts? The Effect of Uncovering Black Boxes (Honorable Mention, Proc. of CHI ’19, ACM Press)

Adam Agassi, Hadas Erel, Iddo Yehoshua Wald, Oren Zuckerman
Scratch Nodes ML: A Playful System for Children to Create Gesture Recognition Classifiers (Proc. of CHI ’19, ACM Press)

Gilad Gome, Julian Waksberg, Andrey Grishko, Iddo Yehoshua Wald, Oren Zuckerman
OpenLH: Open Liquid-Handling System for Creative Experimentation with Biology (Proc. of TEI ’19, ACM Press)

Lucy Anderson-Bashan, Benny Megidish, Hadas Erel, Iddo Wald, Andrey Grishko, Guy Hoffman, Oren Zuckerman
The Greeting Machine: An Abstract Robotic Object for Opening Encounters (Best Conference Paper, Proc. of RO-MAN ’18, IEEE Press)

Tom Hitron, Iddo Wald, Hadas Erel, Oren Zuckerman
Introducing children to machine learning concepts through hands-on experience (Proc. of IDC ’18, ACM Press)

Tom Hitron, Idan David, Netta Ofer, Andrey Grishko, Iddo Yehoshua Wald, Hadas Erel, Oren Zuckerman
Digital Outdoor Play: Benefits and Risks from an Interaction Design Perspective (Proc. of CHI ’18, ACM Press)

Tom Hitron, Itamar Apelblat, Iddo Wald, Eitan Moriano, Andrey Grishko, Idan David, Avihay Bar, Oren Zuckerman
Scratch Nodes: Coding Outdoor Play Experiences to enhance Social-Physical Interaction (Proc. of IDC ’17, ACM Press)

Iddo Wald, Yoav Orlev, Andrey Grishko, Oren Zuckerman  
Animating Matter: Creating Organic-like Movement in Soft Materials ( Proc. of DIS ’17, ACM Press)

Exhibitions I took part in:

  • Future Future – DesignIt Boost event, DesignIt office, Tel-Aviv (2018)
  • Uncanny, Design Museum Holon, Holon (2018)
  • Hello Robot, Vitra Design Museum, Germany (2017-2019)
  • DLD Innovation Boulevards, Rotchild Boulevards, Tel-Aviv (2016)
  • New Old: Designing for our Future Selves, Design Museum, London (2017)
  • London 2050 – Science Museum Lates, Science Museum, London (2016)
  • Design for Life – London Design Festival, Imperial College, London (2015)
  • Back to the Future, Axis Gallery, Tokyo (2015)
  • Show RCA 2015, Royal College of Art, London (2015)
  • Year Here Event Exhibition and Talk, London (2015)
  • Pick Me Up: Graphic Arts Festival, Somerset House, London (2015)
  • Imperial Festival, Imperial College, London (2014)
  • Sport Innovation Challenge, Rio-Tinto headquarters, London (2014)
  • ‘Peace of Design’ – GoGlobal, the Peres Centre for Peace, Tel-Aviv (2014)
  • Sport Innovation Challenge for Sochi 2014, Imperial College, London (2014)
  • Data Manifestation, Royal College of Art, London (2013)

Talks I gave:

  • Interdisciplinary Innovation and Interaction, Design Foundations course, HIT Hulon (March 2019)
  • Israel Robotics Meetup #3. Google Campus, Tel-Aviv (May 2018)
  • Year Here yearly event, London (May 2015)
Pick Me Up graphic arts festival. Somerset House, London (April 2015)

Places that featured my work: