A Shape-change Display Toolkit for Material-oriented Designers

Magnetform is a shape-change display toolkit designed to enable exploration of movement in soft materials. The toolkit allows designers with no technical knowledge to leverage their material expertise to experiment with shape-change.

We presented at  the ACM International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction (TEI) the toolkit design, and case studies with two design studios who used the toolkit for 15-days each. Through the presentation of their process, we reflected on two main themes: empowering designers to participate in shape-change exploration; and the developing practice of designing objects which integrate motion.
We situate this work as part of the growing efforts to involve designers in the evolution of shape-changing interfaces, and demonstrating how material-oriented designers could contribute to this field in which materiality plays a major role in.

The work was awarded best Pictorial TEI2021

Project team: Prof. Oren Zuckerman

  • Magnetform: a Shape-change Display Toolkit for Material-oriented Designers (Best pictorial, TEI 2021)